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Delivery prices in the seven-county metro area are based on time and distance: the farther and faster, the more expensive. The cost of any delivery depends on:

  • The city and Zip Code the shipment starts from
  • The city and Zip Code the shipment goes to
  • How long Able Courier has to complete the delivery

To look up delivery prices between two specific cities and Zip Codes

Use only full or partial city names, 5-digit Zip Codes, or both. The form will display alternatives if more than one location is possible.

  • Do not use complete street addresses

For a complete list of business day prices for deliveries to or from one specific city and Zip Code

Deliveries to any Minnesota city not listed on these pages are charged on a per-mile basis.

To look up business day delivery prices between two specific locations using a complete rate page

  1. Select the rate page of the starting city and Zip Code
  2. Scroll that page to the ending city and Zip Code

Delivery times and prices are listed left-to-right from fastest to most economical.

What's Included in the Price

Able Courier will make one pickup attempt and one delivery attempt within the time limit specified.

Shipments may contain up to six (6) safely packaged items. Each individual item may be up to sixty (60) pounds, six (6) feet long and ten (10) cubic feet in volume. The entire shipment may be up to two hundred (200) pounds and twenty (20) cubic feet in volume. Five (5) minutes are allowed at each end of the delivery for loading and unloading. If shipments exceeding these limits are accepted extra charges may apply.

Prices shown by our rate lookup form cover all days and times. Prices shown on our complete rate pages are only for business day deliveries first ready for pickup between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

Note that End of Day (aka Economy) deliveries must be ready by noon for delivery to businesses by 5:00 PM.

Able Courier guarantees on-time completion of most deliveries. A guaranteed delivery may be reduced in price or free if Able Courier accepts shipment but does not complete it on time.

Not all deliveries are guaranteed. Prices marked with a "*" character represent deliveries that in Able Courier's opinion cannot be reliably completed within the time limit specified. Any delivery whose price is marked with a "*" is not guaranteed.

Delivery time limits are normally calculated starting at the time a shipment is ready to be picked up. If the pickup must be made within a time limit that is shorter than the delivery limit, the price of the shorter limit applies.

Able Courier will attempt to obtain a signature for every completed delivery unless no one is available to sign and we have permission to leave the shipment without one (such as at a closed business or a residence when no one is home). Signatures are retained on file for at least two (2) years.

Liability for shipment on the part of Able Courier is limited to the material cost of the shipment or one hundred dollars ($100.00), whichever is less.

What's Not Included in the Price

Able Courier accepts new "on-call" orders as long as they do not harm the timely delivery of existing orders. New orders can make it seem prudent to advance or delay the handling of some existing orders. Thus there is no guarantee when any particular pickup or delivery attempt will be made other than that they will both occur within the overall time limit specified.

If more than one pickup attempt is required extra charges will apply. A common reason for a pickup failure is that the shipment cannot be found and the person who arranged for it is not available. Please be sure any shipment is clearly marked with the destination name and address and, if possible, Able Courier.

If more than one delivery attempt is required extra charges will apply. A common reason for a delivery failure is that the destination is closed. Please be sure the time limit specified for a delivery does not exceed the destination's hours of operation or that permission to leave the shipment in a safe place has been granted. Without such permission we may have to retain the shipment for later re-delivery or return to shipper, either of which costs extra.

Additional charges may apply in circumstances outside the scope of a normal delivery. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Loading or unloading time exceeding five minutes
  • Overweight or oversize items or shipments
  • Parking and tolls
  • Mailing a COD payment or other return item
  • Affidavit of service or notarization
  • Pickup or delivery at a specified time (an "appointment" - in general the less flexibility Able Courier is allowed the higher the price)
  • Contacting the shipper with the recipient signer's name (provided only upon request by the shipper)
  • Shipment insurance in excess of one hundred dollars ($100.00)