Too Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

Will you come to my location and give me a large amount of cash in exchange for a check I will endorse to you?

Will we come to a place of your choosing at a time of your choosing while known to be carrying a large amount of cash? In hopes of exchanging it for a check we have no way of knowing is good?

Pretty much NO.

Thanks for asking, though.

Will you pick up a paycheck from a business I cannot go to myself because they have a warrant out for my arrest?

If they won't give or mail your check to you, what makes you believe they'll give it to us?

Thanks for asking, though.

Will you pick up my teenage boyfriend from a distant location and bring him to me?

Regrettably Able Courier's business license specifically prohibits carrying passengers.

Thanks for asking, though.

Will you pick up directory ad copy and send it to us overnight without letting the advertiser know we are out of state?

We will not deliberately mislead anyone. We will answer any direct questions posed by an advertiser as best we can.

We will require a large upfront deposit. We will deduct from it a fixed charge for each pickup depending on how far we have to travel (minimum $25.00, going up in $10.00 increments). When the deposit is exhausted we will require another. No refund of any unused portion.

You've never heard of me but will you go RIGHT NOW to pick up an expensive item I've paid for by credit card and bring it to me on a DIRECT?

We observe that you are quite knowledgeable about courier due times, yet not once you did ask about the cost.

Cash on delivery only.

Would you like to sell your business in a no-cash deal where we pay you only out of future revenue?

You're funny!

Thanks for asking, though.