Too Frequently Asked Questions Infrequently Asked Questions

How much does a delivery cost?

Price depends on time and distance. The farther and faster, the more expensive.

Within Able Courier's fixed rate delivery area due times ranging from one hour to all day are offered. Distances are based on the pickup and delivery cities and Zip Codes.

Each city and Zip Code in the fixed rate area has a unique list of delivery prices to every other fixed rate city and Zip Code. Every such list is available on-line as an individual rate page. They can be accessed either by city name first or by Zip Code first .

For all other deliveries within Minnesota prices are determined by actual mileage distance. Mileage deliveries are always completed "as soon as possible" but otherwise do not have any explicit due time guarantee.

Able Courier does not currently offer interstate or international delivery.

When will my shipment be picked up?

Early enough to complete the delivery on time, but most often not immediately.

Delivery due times are treated as time windows. At some point within the window Able Courier will make both the pickup and the delivery, but exactly when this occurs is decided by dispatch based on the best way to complete all open orders.

Able Courier normally tries to route two or more deliveries together, because multiple deliveries spread fixed costs over more orders. Longer due times make it more likely that this might happen. This increased chance is why longer due times are less expensive. However because Able Courier may wait to complete a delivery, a longer due time also make exactly when it occurs more variable.

If requested a provisional pickup time may be provided. However this is always subject to an implied "if nothing changes" clause. Subsequent delivery orders may make it seem prudent to advance or delay any provisional pickup time. This is more likely the longer the due time of any given order.

Those desiring more control over the pickup time might consider choosing a shorter due time than they actually need. Although this is more expensive, it does guarantee a pickup time sooner than a longer due time does.

When should I place my order?

You may order during business hours whenever your shipment is ready for pickup.

You may also order before your shipment is ready, as long as you are certain when it will be (up to a day or so in advance). This is often helpful for both you and Able Courier.

For you, because orders are accepted on a "first come, first served" basis. Able Courier declines new orders if they appear likely to harm the timely completion of existing orders.

For Able Courier, because more lead time enables more efficient dispatching.

How should my shipment be packaged?

Shipments should be placed in an envelope, box or other container which is clearly marked with the destination name and address. If possible it should also be marked Able Courier , perhaps with a Post-It or other removable note.

Clear marking is especially important if you will not be at the pickup to identify the shipment. For example, you may have to leave before Able Courier arrives, or the shipment is being picked up somewhere else for delivery to you. If available personnel cannot identify the shipment, enough extra time may be spent locating it to be chargeable.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check or Paypal.

Can you invoice me?

First-time customers are required to pay at the time of service.

Deliveries after the first may be paid for at the time of service or invoiced, whichever a customer prefers.

Do you do process service?

Able Courier handles only non-hostile process service on law offices and government agencies at their normal places of business.

Able Courier does not provide process service on individuals.

Can you deliver something very big and/or heavy?

Able Courier specializes in small package delivery. There are limits to the size and weight of shipments that can be accepted. In general all deliveries must fit into a passenger vehicle. If your shipment requires a pickup truck or larger, it may be better to contact another courier service.